Morris Energy Advisors core principles are honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our reputation is paramount, we take pride in it and we are uncompromising in defense of it. We distinguish ourselves by our industry specialization and transaction experience. Through such specialization we have developed in depth knowledge of the major sectors of the energy business which we serve as well as in all critical elements of the Capital Markets. The principal sectors of the energy industry in which we specialize include the midstream, downstream, specialty chemicals and products, oilfield service & equipment, downstream service & equipment, power, petrochemicals and alternative energy value chains. Our focus is on strategy, not the nature of the commodity. Hands on, disciplined and high quality deal execution are our hallmarks. They are also good business practices which lead to extensive repeat business.

The ownership and structure of each of these sectors continues to evolve and reshape with changes in cost of capital, exchange rates, technology, commodity prices and various value driving variables. Our insights drawn from decades of industry experience help clients optimally deploy and configure their physical assets, particularly when strategic assets have limited substitutability or companies have unique value-adding attributes.